Limiting the "Touch" on High-touch Surfaces

Hands Free Alternatives 

There are so many items in our homes and workplaces that multiple people touch in a day. It was not until the Coronavirus outbreak, that as a community we started to realize how important clorox wipes were to maintain the cleanliness of our environments. Germs are spread through the air from our bodily fluids including sneezing, coughing, sweating, and sometimes even breathing. The germs fall onto any surface in front of them and can be spread through our hands and in interactions with others. In an effort to limit the spread of germs on high-touch surfaces, there are a few upgrades we can consider both in residential and commercial settings.

Occupancy Sensors and Motion Light Switches 

Flipping light switches in our homes is pretty common. With turning the light on when we walk in the house, looking for something in a closet, or using the restroom, odds are high you are frequently touching the same switches as your family members. This common gesture can also be found in our workplaces, but now we are sharing germs with people outside of our homes. The addition of occupancy sensors provides an opportunity to save energy and limit the touching of common fixtures. No matter your current setup, our electrical team can customize a design for your home or workplace.   


Motion Sensor Faucets 

There are several brands and  models of motion sensor faucets. In both residential and commercial settings, we can offer faucets that run on batteries, or stay powered by either an AC or DC circuit. With our own team of electricians and plumbers, we will make the transition easier for you. In addition to being motion sensored, some kitchen faucets even offer voice activation. Motion sensor faucets are a great way to decrease the spread of germs by allowing individuals to maintain the cleanliness of their hands a little longer after their 20-second scrub.



Smart Thermostats 

Thermostats are frequently touched when checking the current inside temperature or making an adjustment to the airflow settings. Since it is inevitable that we will use our cell phones throughout the day, connecting our thermostats to our phones can be an easy transition to limiting another high-touch surface. Wireless, or smart thermostats, allow individuals to monitor their mechanical settings directly from their phone. Setting up schedules, or changing settings between floors can all be accommodated straight from the manufacturer’s app. Smart thermostats are a simple solution to minimizing the touch of a common surface.  


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